Natural Born Copycat Killers

In the 1994 film Natural Born Killers , a dark comedy/drama film about two people with traumatic childhoods who became lovers and psychopathic serial murderers, Mickey, the main character played by Woody Harrelson, has a memorable exchange with his...

While modern criminologists have long been aware of the potential for media exposure playing a role in copycat killings, it seems like America is once again at the crossroads of safety and freedom. Should media coverage be regulated — our movies and video games censored — in the faint hope that it will somehow negate a copycat? Perhaps trampling on the Constitution in the name of public safety is going too far, but it’s clear that something needs to be done to mitigate the risk.

Perhaps that mitigation can be found in the security policies themselves. Major League Baseball’s Colorado Rockies, for example, have outlawed the use of masks/face coverings inside its ballpark, Coors Field. Yep, that means Rockies fans, suffering through one of the worst seasons in franchise history, are absolutely not permitted to wear a paper bag over their head in the stadium — no matter how bad the team is.

It’s time to enact and enforce these type of policies — they may be the key to combating the copycat.