Laser Tag

Miles beyond photo-electric, here’s how the technology can be applied in a security environment

Outdoor applications can be volumetric or linear, such as for placement along a perimeter. Because these sensors can be environmentally hardened, they have already found use in applications such as tolling barriers on highways. Based on the positioning of the scanner, they can detect objects or people only above or below a certain height, eliminating ground clutter and small animals. While range is limited, scanners can be complemented by other technologies such as video surveillance.

Perhaps because of my own background in fiber optics, I was able to quickly see, from a technical standpoint, how these laser sensors could be quite useful in security. Given their use in security applications across Europe, as well as in domestic non-security applications, I’m quite surprised this technology has not been mainstreamed here for security. The opportunity is there.


Ray Coulombe is Founder and Managing Director of, enabling interaction with specifiers in the physical security and ITS markets; and Principal Consultant for Gilwell Technology Services. Ray can be reached at, through LinkedIn or followed on Twitter @RayCoulombe.