The Smart Choice for Retail Surveillance

How retailers can leverage intelligent video to both increase security and contribute to the bottom line

Leveraging a queue management module helps store managers effectively re-assign staff between various departments and check-out counters in real-time, and optimize their daily and weekly staffing requirements.

Improved Marketing and Merchandising: Retailers can use video business intelligence to gain a better understanding of in-store customer behavior in order to measure the success rate of marketing and advertising. They can use these insights to improve store layout, product placement and promotional displays with actual customer behavior in order to increase sales and improve the bottom-line.

Designing Optimal Store Layouts: With a comprehensive data set around shopper traffic, directional analysis, in-store movement patterns, hot spots and dwell times, retailers are able to use that information to improve store layout and overall design. If a certain department is rarely visited, the store layout can be modified in order to help drive shoppers to the area.

By reviewing people count, in-store traffic patterns and dwell times around specific areas and products, retailers can use this data to modify their promotion, design or product placement.

This allows management, marketing and sales departments to all work together to positively impact the shopper’s experience.


Debjit Das is Vice President of Global Marketing for Verint Video Intelligence Solutions. More info: