Success Story: IT Takes on Campus Surveillance

At Western Kentucky, video technology enables the network team to act like a university-wide security integrator

The software leverages Active Directory, allowing the roles to rely on user credentials that have already been created. “It’s extremely easy to organize these roles,” Sumpter says. “We don’t have to create and maintain users because they are already in our Active Directory implementation and it all ties together very efficiently.”


More Users Means Expanded Uses

As the network team rolls out more IP surveillance solutions, they continue to see departments finding different ways to leverage the system. The campus police department, for example, has added a range of automated features to the recording that helps to provide better campus safety.

The system has been integrated with campus emergency phones, so that when one is activated, the live camera feeds for that location are automatically displayed on the supplier’s “Smart Wall” monitoring area. In testing facilities, on the other hand, the system is used for proctoring tests. A proctor can leave the room and use the cameras to monitor in real time. Or, if there is any indication that a student may have cheated, the proctor can analyze the video to assist in resolving it.

Most importantly, as WKU continues to find new uses to expand and grow its surveillance system, Sumpter and his team have been able to meet all these needs without slowing down, he says.