Total Integration

How WellPoint’s security team worked closely with an integrator network to achieve complete situational awareness

OSS engineers were then able to write a software interface to enable the NC4 mapping and situational readiness software and access control system to integrate seamlessly for true command-and-control functionality in the CSARC. In the event of an incident occurring within a set distance from a WellPoint facility, the integration with NC4 enables video and access control data from that particular facility to quickly pop up on the video wall.

“The uniqueness of our system is Koorsen and Security-Net’s integration of NC4’s technology into the system, the cameras, and ProWatch to release doors from a central location,” Levine says. “Now, we know how far an incident may be from one of our locations, and no matter if it is 30 miles from us or across the country — we can take action from the CSARC.”

While each regional location has the ability for local alarm and surveillance monitoring onsite, CSARC operators will take over in the event of an alarm not addressed within a certain time period.

This allows CSARC operators to be aware of system events and act as a central communications hub for WellPoint security without being overwhelmed by the volume of alarms during the transition from legacy to the updated access control systems.

CSARC operators are not limited to their seat at the central console for command and control. OSS engineers also enabled control of the integrated system via iPad, so WellPoint security officials can remotely access the system from home during off hours or while traveling.

Under the guidance of Melissa Serban, CSARC operations manager, operators in the command center can also track traveling WellPoint executives and employees, ensuring their whereabouts and safety in the event of a global incident. CSARC staff has also been successful in warding off potential incidents around WellPoint facilities, such as planned demonstrations, because of the intelligence capabilities and industry connections of Serban and her staff.

The watchful eye of CSARC has also benefitted entities outside of WellPoint, and helped law enforcement communities local to WellPoint solve some major crimes, including a recent homicide and a bank robbery.


Progressing to Total Integration

To date, nearly 28 sites have been converted by Koorsen to the ProWatch system, and to Honeywell’s LobbyWorks visitor management system, another part of the standardization process.

More than 300 cameras are online and being fed into the CSARC, with several large locations currently underway. All sites are also being connected via an enterprise-wide IP intercom system for direct communication to the command center.

Greg Wurm, WellPoint director of domestic security operations, is serving as the project manager and overseeing Security-Net members in several other states as the upgrade projects are completed. In all, 12 Security-Net members are engaged in security upgrades on WellPoint regional locations.

As WellPoint continues to standardize and modernize its multiple locations, Security-Net technical expertise and geographic coverage was a crucial element to satisfying WellPoint’s need for instant access and analysis of crucial information. With CSARC as the hub, WellPoint is well on its way to deriving the benefits of a totally integrated, standardized solution.