Extending Power-over–Ethernet technology for security

PoE solutions reduce power consumption, simplify installation of security devices

Also of note is PoE’s recognition as the first international power standard. Electrical plugs and sockets differ by country in voltage and current rating, shape, size and type of connectors—with each country setting its own national standards. However, the PoE international standard allows manufacturers to avoid supplying different power supply for different countries and removes the need for PoE installers to worry about differing equipment and power cords. A PoE power source will provide the same power in any country or region, catering to the needs of today’s growing global market.

What’s next for PoE?

Experts have hailed PoE as the power technology of the future, with product designers and manufacturers expected to create broader product portfolios that can be powered by PoE. However, PoE’s future depends heavily on its ability to continue delivering increased levels of power. The next generation of PoE technology, expected to become available later this year, further boosts powering capabilities, with the ability to deliver 95W of power and extend PoE’s benefits to an even broader range of PDs and applications. As greater powering capabilities will undoubtedly increase the popularity of PoE by supporting new types of devices, as well as its eco-friendly benefits, it will continue to thrive as a viable technology for security professionals.

About the Author: Sani Ronen is director of marketing in Microsemi Corporation’s Analog Mixed Signal Group.