AT&T makes it official: 2G service will end

'Sunset' of 2G impacts security industry due to extremely high number of accounts that use 2G alarm panel communicators

Some alarm accounts, however, may not be impacted. T-Mobile’s sunset for 2G is much further out than AT&T’s, but the problem, says Welsh, is that T-Mobile’s network is much smaller than AT&T’s, and that means most communicators are actually on the AT&T network, even if they have T-Mobile network capabilities. Furthermore, some companies’ communicators are licensed through regional carriers in specific states, but those communicators work outside those areas because those regional cellular carriers have roaming agreements with AT&T and T-Mobile. The danger, he says, is that you may not have direct information on that regional carrier’s 2G plans, but if that unit was installed in a roaming location that uses AT&T’s network, then your alarm subscriber may be impacted anyway.

While our industry fought the AMPS sunset, he says that it would be unwise to expect AT&T to delay any sort of 2G technology end of life process because of pressure from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). "It is a business decision made by the carriers and is not within the jurisdiction of the FCC. The FCC is not going to ride in and push this thing back. They don’t have the say on whether AT&T can do this."