Crossing the Great Divide

The converging residential and light commercial markets allow dealers and integrators to add value and services in additional disciplines

A. “Undoubtedly, convergence is a huge trend that is driving market-level and system-level changes to our industry. Some of these changes require adjustment to how we design and deploy security and access control systems and how we as an industry run the business. However, most of the change is very good: it’s enabling better systems that are increasingly affordable to a broader market so the universe to whom we can sell to is growing all the time. I think both of these trends will continue and that they’ll present strong opportunities to the integrators who can embrace change and deliver value.

Another trend is the increasing capacity of dealers to provide remote troubleshooting. Our Yale Real Living suite taps into this trend and enables dealers to provide that depth of care without having to invest in additional resources: instead of getting a truck and a crew rolling they can manage the situation remotely. This enables vastly improved productivity!”

Q. In speaking with dealers what are the key issues they are being asked to address in today’s security market?

A. “Dealers and integrators that I speak with are continually being asked to deliver more for less. Clients understand the enormous capabilities of technology and everyday they experience the advantages of cutting-edge security and access control technologies. Now, they’re looking to dealers to harness the power of these advances and to provide consultant-like design partnership with systems integration and support. This is both an opportunity and a threat. If the dealer does not evolve, he/she risks getting left behind. We’re working very hard to support progressive dealers. By putting together optimal products and programs, we’re giving them the tools to sell with a comprehensive pull campaign.”

Q. Everything is going on the network these days. How is Yale addressing the merging of security/access control with other installed technology subsystems along an IP-addressable infrastructure?

A. “We recognize the phenomenal market potential of IP systems and we’re investing and innovating accordingly. Part of this means listening to dealers and addressing the challenges and opportunities they encounter in the field but it’s also working with other technology partners to be sure we’re innovating at the optimal pace and that we’re interoperable with partner IP technologies. The key is that we are focused 100 percent on access control and integrating our locks into system level solutions. It is our strategy.”

Q. What is today’s customer comfort level with keyless entry products for their homes?

A. “Customers have a high comfort level with keyless entry—in fact we see our Yale Real Living suite meeting latent demand. Consumer confidence in wireless technologies comes from years of experience with secure wireless technologies in the home, garage and in the workplace. There’s also the confidence they gain from working with established access control brands. We have been in the access control business for 20 years in electronics and over 150 years in mechanical, and our organizational commitment to rock-solid security is well documented. We’re bringing customers the best of both worlds: coupling market-proven access control with bleeding edge wireless and no small amount of aesthetic design.”