Make a Smart Move

Transitioning from legacy to web-based access control is easier than ever, and gives additional levels of control and automation

The fact is that Web-based access control offers features and functionality that enhance an organization’s security posture. From one consolidated screen, administrators can view and manage alarms, video surveillance, facility maps, and identities including photo and personnel details. And if an event alarm is triggered by an unauthorized door held or forced open, computers in an adjacent room can automatically suspend network access and also send a command to an IP camera to stream video.

For security integrators and resellers, cloud-enabled, Web-based access control can generate improved RMR, a competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded market and a more consistent revenue stream through a managed service approach—if integrators can effectively communicate the benefits of Web-based access control to enterprise customers.



Bill Moran is vice president of Sales at RedCloud, a provider of Web-based, physical access control systems based in Sterling, Va.