Catch of the Week

It's back to basics--alarms deter criminals and we've got the latest apprehensions--and need your help

Today’s economy means that, while insurance companies are returning to their historical model of profitability through claims mitigation, tight municipal budgets mean police often do not have the resources to investigate property crimes. (What we call “non-response,” the insurance industry calls “non-investigation.”) These two factors together present the electronic security industry with a renewed opportunity. Insurers are once again looking for ways to lower claims costs, but police don’t have the budgets to investigate property claims. As a result, deterrence has become more important than ever, since catching the bad guys means limiting the loss—and potentially preventing other losses.

So here’s the answer to why “Catch of the Week?” It’s both a platform to showcase what you as providers—and we as an industry—do best, and a way to capitalize on an opportunity, for the benefit for us and for our subscribers. (Not to mention it’s some great free public relations for you and your company if we use your story!) Please send us your entries and see below for just how to do that!



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