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AT&T to Sunset 2G Service by 2017 Dealers advised to install current technology Following several years of speculation, telecommunications giant AT&T recently announced in filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it plans to stop...

Taylor said a variety of factors came into play before LG decided to make its U.S. debut. "Looking at our own product line versus what the competitive landscape is out there right now, finding the right partner to launch this from a distribution standpoint and all of the stars aligned and made this an attractive time for LG to enter the market," he said.

Mobotix to Raise its Profile in Home Automation

Company announces partnership with Savant Systems

German-based surveillance solutions manufacturer Mobotix is making a push into the home automation market as the company announced that it has joined home automation and control systems provider Savant Systems’ "Partners in Excellence" cooperative program. Mobotix General Manager for the Americas Steve Gorski said that the company is relatively new to the home automation space and he believes that this new marketing partnership with Savant will help boost their presence in the market which the company has targeted as one of their areas for growth.

"I think it will significantly help for a couple of reasons. Number one, (Savant Systems) is one of the leaders in that space with their home automation systems. Being able to connect with one of the market leaders is really, really going to help us," he explained. "Because they have some Apple-based products for home automation, there’s obviously significant tie-in with Mobotix and Apple as well and we’ll be coming out with some applications on that and I think that’s really going to help us."

In addition, Gorski said that the partnership will also bolster the company’s exposure in the home automation channel.

"We think this a very exciting space and there is a lot more to come from Mobotix and our partners and our distribution partners," Gorski said. "One of the things we’ve been talking about internally is that we’re pretty excited about working with a lot the home automation resellers, because in many cases, a lot of these folks are kind of early adopters with new technologies and they really seem to embrace that. They seem to be very technical and they pride themselves on being up to speed on technology. Some of the guys that we’ve worked we’ve really been very impressed with their level of expertise and they understand how important training is. Not to say that the security resellers don’t understand, but… I think they are a little bit of a step ahead from a technology standpoint because there are a lot of technologies that go into home automation."

Mercury Security Settles Dispute with Lenel

Companies reach long-term agreement

Mercury Security Corporation has inked a new long-term contract with Lenel to support its access control products, ending an ongoing legal dispute between the two companies. According to Mercury Security Co-Founder and CEO Frank Gasztonyi, the lawsuit the company filed against Lenel last July for alleged copyright infringement and breach of contract has been dismissed as a result of the negotiation of this new long-term contract.  

"We’re happy that this finally came to be. We’ve been working on this and we’ve been very close for a couple of months and it’s finally become official after going through (the corporate legal process)," he said. "We’re really back on very good terms with each other and I think we’re seeing that our businesses are aligned and we will be working together into the next decade."

At issue in the lawsuit, according to Gasztonyi, was the use of I/O modules that Lenel’s parent company, UTC, built referred to as "U" boards that were being connected into Mercury’s system controllers, which they have agreed not to do any longer. However, Gasztonyi said that Mercury would support existing "U" boards in the field. "We are making sure that the customers do not experience any pain," he said.