Transmission for the Masses

Ethernet over Coax can be a cost-effective way to use old wires for new surveillance

EoC provides a plug-and-play transparent network that is easy to use, reliable and grants seamless integration between existing coax cable and the Ethernet backbone. EoC supports network protocols such as UDP, TCP/IP, HTTP, etc. with minimal configuration or setup needed.


6. Increased Efficiency

The typical EoC product on the market is point-to-point, meaning there is one locally powered transceiver at the camera and one locally powered transceiver at the control room. This is acceptable for small systems, but is not efficient for systems featuring large numbers of IP and megapixel cameras.

A better and more unique solution is to have a single EoC transceiver at the control room, which supports up to four remote transceivers and their cameras. This technology can leverage one coax run which splits out to supply transmission links to up to four cameras. Streaming video and PoE power are supported at distances far beyond the 328 ft Ethernet standard. This provides greatly enhanced legacy coax network system leverage, allowing for easy and cost-effective IP camera upgrades, with minimal install labor.


Guy Apple is Vice President of Marketing and Sales for NVT ( 10214493).