Access Control Best Practices

Six ways to avoid mistakes when deploying your new system

One way to plan for additional readers is to incorporate a few spare items into the initial installation, such as extra-unused reader ports in all data-gathering/access control panels. If this is not defined in the design, the installing company will use as few data-gathering panels and/or access control input cards as possible to win the bid and enhance their profit. Additional space for card input boards and card readers could also be added to the original project scope. A spare inventory of readers and card input boards will help address immediate repair and expansion issues.


Best Practices after the Installation

Even after installation, it is critical that any issues that come up are addressed swiftly and with a system-wide solution. An electronic access control equipment failure or card reader issues must be addressed as a top priority.

There will always be some missed items in any new system — the worst thing that can happen is for the employees to become dissatisfied with the electronic access control system and complain to management.

That is why all the Security staff should be alert and report any issues to their security manager to improve the system operation and mitigate dissatisfaction.


Robert Pearson has written numerous articles and has recently published a book titled, “Electronic Security Systems.” On a day-to-day basis he oversees design, project management, and maintenance of security systems for multiple sites.