Why IP video surveillance market growth isn’t just about megapixels

Sony’s Mark Collett on why hybrid video innovations hold true potential for the market

One approach is to continue advancing analog capabilities. Customers improve performance as they replace aging and worn out cameras with new ones. Another strategy is to innovate around the re-cabling and retraining hurdles. The emerging hybrid solutions category does just that. It allows analog customers to extend the value of their existing coax infrastructure by enabling simultaneous SD analog and HD IP streams. This side-by-side architecture allows for a phased migration to IP capabilities. Soon, the Hybrid Video Security Alliance (HVSA), a new organization for manufacturers wishing to participate in developing products for this category, will help foster a vibrant marketplace here. Hybrid solutions are a powerful new entry to the security market. It promises to drive the first major reconfiguration of the surveillance video business since the arrival of IP-based systems.

About the author: Mark Collett is the General Manager for Sony Electronics’ Security Systems Division. Additionally, he serves on the board of directors for the Security Industry Association (SIA).