Moving beyond integration with PSIM

Industry experts discuss how the technology has evolved at ASIS 2012

Another market trend that Lien said was important to note was the move towards industry standards and the ability of PSIM solutions to be compliant with them. Lien said that Proximex, which offers the Surveillint platform, can support three PSIA specifications.

According to Matthew Kushner, president of CNL Americas, which offers the IPSecurityCenter PSIM platform, there has been a validation process of the technology that has taken place over the last two to three years as companies and governments have waited to see how the software performed in actual deployments.

"When you’re introducing enterprise technology, you want to see it working," said Kushner. "It sits over the entire security estate, so you don’t make that decision (to deploy a new technology) lightheartedly."

Now that the technology has been vetted, however, Kushner said people realize that it delivers by solving real business problems. "The overall health of this (product) category is clear, PSIM is here to stay," he added.

In the UK, for example, which has one of the most robust public surveillance networks in the world, Kushner said officials there have seen the benefits of leveraging PSIM technology for being able to more easily comb through video footage. Whereas it took thousands of man hours to pour over footage from the London subway bombings in 2005, Kushner said that time could reduced to mere minutes with PSIM.

Because of benefits such as these and that fact that PSIM has been successfully deployed in many applications, more widespread adoption of the technology will likely increase as well, according to Kushner, who believes that the market is moving out of the validation phase and into the mining of business intelligence. "I think over the next two to three years, you will see the adoption rate will continue to increase," he said.

Industry leaders agree that one thing that could potentially hinder the market’s growth is the piggybacking of VMS companies, who while they don’t offer a true PSIM solution, still want to ride the wave by offering what many people like to refer to as "PSIM-light" solutions. Lien said that the business logic layer of a true PSIM solution really differentiates it from an enhanced video management system that’s masquerading as PSIM.

"We’re having a lot of guys come and say ‘' can aggregate two pieces of video.' That’s not a PSIM," Kushner said.