Central Stations: Your Own IP Address

You can keep your IP address

Keep Your IP offers a simple Web interface. It allows the dealer or central station to obtain new IP addresses, enter a label or name, specify a port and then the target destination IP address, allowing the set up to take only a few minutes to complete. Keep Your IP has three data centers—two in California and another in Florida. These facilities have servers running in a virtual cloud type of environment so there is no single set of servers to fail, and this is how they can keep the “five nines” percentage of uptime.

Most central station and dealers will get IP addresses provisioned in pairs, one from each data center, allowing total redundancy, as these facilities are on different ISP’s and various backbone networks.


Reseller program adds value

Keep Your IP offers a reseller/partner program for central stations to take advantage of RMR opportunities as well as control the IP addresses for their alarm dealers within their system as a reliable redundancy plan. This also allows central stations the confidence that an alarm dealer cannot abandon ship to another competitive central station with an outstanding invoice. If an alarm dealer chooses to leave, the central station would just have them contact Keep Your IP to set up an account and then Keep Your IP can swing over their IP information and have them up and running in a matter of minutes.

Another good reason for a central station or alarm dealer to own their IP address is that they can increase value for their company and either sell part or all of their accounts without having to reprogram any existing IP addresses for the purchasing company.

Today there are more options than ever for the changing central station. And keeping your IP address is one way to set yourself apart from the competition.



Davin A. Roos is a principal and director of Sales & Marketing for Keep Your IP Inc., based in Irvine, Calif.