RMR: Nothing Comes Easy

It's the simple ideas that add up big when working to garner more monthly recurring revenue in the alarm industry

Access to cameras and activities

That’s just one part of the RMR services the company is deploying. Others include: software that tracks and monitors dynamic IP addresses; monthly physical security maintenance contracts; electronic service contracts on cameras; remote system monitoring for health of cameras as well as company activity; data streams such as regular reports and openings and closings; and cloud-provided emails on activity sent directly to police cruisers or municipalities.

“That’s how we constantly stay in touch with our customers. They know their systems work and are up to date and they are willing to pay for these services,” Tolliver said.

That’s not the end of the story for Central 1 Security. The company will continue to tweak and perfect its cloud capabilities. “We are also looking at how we can more fully leverage the clouds for our access control subscribers. We are working with some access control manufacturers to see whose software functions work well with our offerings. We believe we can also use the dynamic IP monitoring system for the access control market. We need to, and are currently developing a cloud-based access control plan.”