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15 ways to secure quick-service retail environments

The “big picture” is that the franchisor has a vested interest to make sure the local stores, business owners, or franchisees comply with industry standards of care when it comes to quality, safety and security. Brand reputation depends on the responsible participation of the franchise within the community, D’Addario says.

The franchises and corporate-level security and loss prevention departments can influence whether franchisees operate their businesses in a reasonably safe and secure manner.

A rogue franchisee can do considerable damage by tarnishing the most important corporate goal: brand reputation. Thus, franchisors must do a better job of monitoring their franchisees so that quality assurance is the top goal for protecting critical assets, and creating a safe work environment.


Randy Atlas Ph.D., AIA , CPP, is a registered architect and a criminologist and president of Atlas Safety & Security Design Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. He is a CPTED trainer and practitioner and teaches at Florida Atlantic University. He is author of 21st Century Security and CPTED: Designing for Critical Infrastructure and Crime Prevention, 2nd Edition, from CRC Press. For more information, visit