NFPA creates new security controversy

Proposed revision of NFPA 730 as a code could have far reaching implications

In 2009, the DHS designated NFPA 1600: Standard on Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs, for adoption under its Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness Accreditation and Certification Program (PS-Prep). Then in 2010, the DHS announced the adoption of the ASIS American National Standard for Organizational Resilience for PS-Prep.  

In the face of the friendly competition between the two organizations (after all, ASIS members have been part of the NFPA standards development process and vice versa), now comes a new situation that has many potentially large impacts on property owners, business owners, manufacturers and service providers: The NFPA wants to change the 730 guideline into a code.

For those municipalities who have enacted blanket adoptions of NFPA codes, the new security code would have the force of law.

However, the NFPA is an open process and is accepting comments on its proposed revisions to 730 and 731. If you want to learn more and include your voice in the decision process, download the proposed revisions and the NFPA comment form  at to learn about the potential impacts, both good and bad, that others have discovered and shared, and contribute your comments to the NFPA process. The deadline to submit comment is Nov. 16.