5 Ways to Build a Pipeline for Leads

Getting leads from new and emerging platforms


3. Consider Facebook advertisements

Similar to Google AdWords, Facebook ads are also PPC. The difference is that the ads only appear within Facebook and can be targeted by many different ways including geography and interest. Research shows that Facebook ads are quite effective for local businesses, perfect for many security companies.

The main driver of clicks for Facebook ads, unlike Google AdWords, is the thumbnail-sized image accompanying each ad. Test several with the same headline and text but with different images to see which one has the highest Click Through Rate (CTR). As with AdWords, you can set a daily budget to make sure that once you hit that limit, you aren’t paying more and your ads stop for the day.


4. Review all the sites

Any business is likely familiar with the reach and influence of review sites such as Yelp. While they provide a crucial service by helping prospects figure out which business to approach, they can also hurt you when a bad experience leads to a negative review online.

Ask your recent customers to post their positive experiences on Google, Yelp and other review sites.


5. Piggyback off lead referrals from industry partners

One great way to generate new leads is by partnering with companies that sell complementary products or services. Some may have formal lead referral programs in place. It is a win-win situation; companies are happy to refer or accept new leads, and customers are happy to get a service provider that is trusted.

At Gadspot, for example, we have a formal lead referral program for all registered resellers. Anyone seeking a security installer, reseller or integrator in their local area can be forwarded to one of our qualified resellers.

By implementing these five simple tactics, you can easily increase the number of leads your security business receives.


Judy Chen is president at Gadspot, a security products provider based in City of Industry, Calif.