Congressman: Private sector 'vital' to U.S. security

Rep. Peter King shares his thoughts on receiving the Morrone Award, war on terror

"If we don’t have intelligence and a terrorist arrives at a scene, at that stage it’s very hard to stop them. We can make it very difficult and we’ve certainly done that, but once they actually arrive - if they are intent on carrying out an attack - odds are they are going to be successful, which is why we have to have intelligence," he said. "And that’s why I fully commend and support what the NYPD is doing, I support the FBI… and I strongly oppose attempts, whether it’s the media or others, to attack and criticize law enforcement such as the NYPD. They have to be proactive, they have to be preemptive, and they have to find out what’s going on in the communities where a terror attack might come from."

King said that Congress has held hearings on the threats the nation faces from terrorists, which he says has helped show the country how real the threats are. He said he’s also resisted cuts in homeland security and worked to encourage the department’s various grant programs, which help keep the nation safe. "The threat is still very real, very alive and very dangerous and we can’t let our guard down," he said.