Genetec to offer cloud solutions

Company looks to broaden its customer base by providing video surveillance, access control and LPR as a service

"There are two things we did to help address this. Certainly as we develop video surveillance-as-a-service, we need to think very carefully about bandwidth because some people think about it as trying to stuff an elephant into a straw," he explained. "Right now, we’re very focused on understanding the best way to move data up and down and the Microsoft Azure data centers are critical in that because they’re highly available and getting data into the data center is extremely efficient. From that perspective, we’re happy to be in this partnership with Microsoft. The other side of that was let’s look at our key markets, which right now are roughly North America and Western Europe, around the cloud just because of cloud adoption rates and see where the strongest amount of bandwidth is. Certainly on the East Coast, the upper West Coast and lower West Coast and then a few spots right down the middle of the U.S., there is very high-bandwidth availability. I think in some outlying areas it may take another year for bandwidth to be where it needs to get."

Aside from enterprises with satellite locations and SMBs, Elvish said that construction sites and events, such as the G20 summit and other things that draw huge crowds, will be other big vertical markets for these cloud solutions. Genetec plans to deliver its first cloud-based service offering in the first half of 2013.