The New Frontiers of Emergency Notification

Progress report on the future of ECS

This is the wave of the future. Frost and Sullivan projects a 37.6 percent growth rate in the PSIM market between 2011 and 2015. Another telling example of this trend is the contrast in growth between analog and network video systems. According to IMS Research Senior Analyst and report author, Gary Wong, “Whilst the global analog video surveillance equipment market was relatively depressed in 2010, the network video surveillance market has continued grow almost three time as fast as the total market in 2010, over 30 percent.” IMS Research also forecasts that the growth of the network video surveillance market and the decline of the analog market will transition in 2014, with network video overtaking analog in terms of sales revenue (

Why is this important and how does it tie into emergency notification? Remember, the role of emergency notification is not to prevent tragic events, but to manage crisis, minimize loss, expedite response and inform those affected how to help themselves. The foundation of successful emergency notification is information—knowing what is happening and being able to push actionable instructions to the right place at the right time. Emergency notification is a key component of an integrated PSIM platform. Notification systems that are able to provide two-way communications and can interact with IP video, access control and other detection systems will be tomorrow’s standard. Software platforms like Metis Secure’s are already allowing security professionals to integrate, monitor and control traditionally fragmented systems as emergency call for help systems, facility-based emergency notification, mass notification email and text alert systems, exit door alarms, gas detectors, handheld radios and IP phones, IP video and virtually any other IP-based device.

For systems integrators who focus on IT, the future is bright. The industry is responding to tomorrow’s needs today with the development of smart, data-driven systems. It is as if the five senses have woken up and are beginning to work together.

Of course this is just the beginning. We have not touched on how drones and robots and nanotechnologies that operate in other fields may be integrated onto a PSIM platform. Nor have we contemplated the impact of a global disaster scenario. One engineer friend of mine speculated on the consequences of the reversal of the earth’s magnetic field caused by the flopping of the planet’s molten core. Look it up: (!

One thing is certain. When it happens, security integrators will be the ones bringing the tools together to help solve the problems of tomorrow.



Timothy Means is director of Product Management and co-founder of Metis Secure Solutions (, developer of emergency notification solutions.