VMS is Not Enough

Video analytics gain traction

For example, in the event that a back door alarm sounds, security personnel should not only be able to view who triggered the alarm, but know if it is someone who has a history of such activity. To that end, the alarm must interface with a facial recognition or face capture system that can provide the information. An access control system that employs card swipe should have that same capability. If, for instance, an employee is swiping their card after hours, the system should be able to provide video immediately so that the system can verify that it is the employee in question using the card (and not someone else or perhaps a case of forced entry).


The Road Ahead

Both the public and private sector have an increasing need for video analytics solutions. However, it is only with the smart combination of all involved security processes, including non video related information sources (such as access control and asset management) that the user can reap optimal benefits. Video analytics supports the decision process, but only the cross-verification of events with other devices and databases creates a truly smart system.

As the role of video analytics increases in importance and adoption, security sales forces and integration specialists must be knowledge experts and be prepared to custom fit solutions for their customers because this is one arena in which one size definitely does not fit all. In addition, those currently purchasing a VMS should seriously evaluate their long term needs, as to whether it is likely that analytics will sooner than later be a part of their needs. If so, one should consider overall time and financial expenditures to add on analytics after the fact. In a world where VMS is increasingly becoming a commodity, and analytics a necessity, the decision to include it is becoming more and more clear cut for many customers.




Aluisio Figueiredo is the chief operating officer for Intelligent Security Systems, based in Woodbridge, N.J., www.isscctv.com.