STE Security Innovation Awards Honorable Mention: The End of the Disconnect

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE- Innovative wireless network connects New York Waterway’s ferries for safety, security, ROI and more

The system also integrates with a public announcement system to send alert messages and relevant signals in case of emergencies. The NY Waterway now has the ability to make system-wide announcements, as well as tailored messages to specific ferries or ports.

PantaScene is an open, web-based solution which provides maximum flexibility to the NY Waterway to ensure their critical systems can be accessed anywhere there is a web connection rather than relying on proprietary applications installed on specific workstations. PantaScene’s flexible architecture allowed the system to be deployed in a manner that best suited the customer’s IT environment and business needs. This will also allow the system to easily scale up to handle more cameras and/or users as the needs of the system grows.


Benefits Beyond Security

By having network connectivity on board, NY Waterway is able to increase ridership by providing infotainment and wi-fi connectivity to its passengers. Having a reliable Wi-Fi connection has become an extremely important service for customers and it gives NY Waterway a competitive advantage over other mass transit systems such as subway or light rail where a limited and unreliable Wi-Fi connection is provided.

Although the main driving factor of the installation was security, increasing ridership is an obvious priority in these economic times — if the wireless infrastructure is bringing more passengers, it means documented ROI for the system.