STE Security Innovation Awards Gold Medal: Security Stands Tall in Oklahoma City

Jeff Fields and Kent Chrisman have helped make sure that the iconic Devon Tower serves as a monument to security innovation

“There were plenty of weekends and late nights that saw our team resolving issues,” Fields says. “Our team was really emotionally and professionally invested in this special project.”


Protecting the Tower

In an extremely security-conscious landscape, such as in Oklahoma City, security challenges are always changing and evolving. Still, the goal of the security philosophy at Devon Tower was to maintain an open, inviting environment while keeping the aesthetics of the beautiful architecture in mind. “Trying to secure an open environment as your facility is being built — and you are occupying it floor by floor — presents security challenges that evolve constantly,” Chrisman explains. “Because this is a showcase facility, one of the issues we had was trying to maintain the security integrity of the system as we also worked closely with the architects to achieve a level of aesthetics everyone would appreciate.”

Access Control: The access control security management system at Devon Tower was designed to meet the most complex security requirements to ensure complete system security, resiliency and reliability. Throughout the tower, hundreds of access controlled points manage and supervise door access and functionality, while maintaining integrity to areas with restricted access. Technologies include HID card readers, X-ray inspection systems from Smiths Detection, IR photoelectric beam detectors from Bosch Security Systems, and Stentofon intercoms for voice communications. Access-controlled entrance lanes in the podium, rotunda and office floors of the tower are controlled by glass and optical turnstiles from Gunnebo USA.

With so many access control and visitor management technologies alone, Devon Energy’s security staff needed an interface for centralized command and control of just the access systems. Dowley chose AMAG Technology’s Symmetry Enterprise software as the leading-edge access control solution. As a scalable access control and security management solution for large enterprise applications, the system can manage multiple layers of access to buildings, automate notification of alarm conditions, and significantly improve the level of response to incidents by Devon Security personnel. The open architecture of the system ensures that integration with other security systems and applications can be easily achieved using the latest software development techniques, and also offers a range of fully-integrated add-on modules designed to enhance the system and provide higher levels of flexibility and integration.

AMAG’s multiNODE M2150 system controller was integrated with the Symmetry Enterprise security management software to deliver database intelligence with connectivity to remote door controllers. The multiNODE controllers receive data from card readers, while a local database is used to check access privileges to each entry point requesting access to the space.

Perimeter Security: Exterior protection was created with architectural aesthetics in mind. Embracing CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) principles, structured planters serve as physical security barriers around the perimeter of the entrance areas. Natural rocks within the landscape were also anchored into the ground, creating anti-ram vehicle barriers. Where natural and aesthetic barriers could not be deployed, single-buttress surface mounted vehicle barriers from Nasatka Security have been installed at strategic entry and exit points on the campus.

Video Surveillance: State-of-the-art pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras from Axis Communications and Bosch Security Systems are deployed throughout the Devon Tower.

PTZ dome network cameras from Axis were installed in high-traffic areas including the main lobby, rotunda, elevators, and throughout the first level to monitor all doors and exits. Ideal for indoor surveillance, the domes feature HDTV-quality video, 18x zoom, streaming of multiple JPEGs simultaneously, and 360-degree panning.

For the tower’s exterior areas, the award-winning AutoDome PTZ camera system from Bosch was chosen, adding real-time intelligence to the surveillance system.