STE Security Innovation Awards Gold Medal: Security Stands Tall in Oklahoma City

Jeff Fields and Kent Chrisman have helped make sure that the iconic Devon Tower serves as a monument to security innovation

Visitor Management: One of the most challenging aspects of the security system design was Devon Energy’s desire to allow the public to have access to the tower’s amenities and campus surroundings. The tower’s visitor management system needed to be able to enroll visitors, capture their picture identification and ultimately create a visitor badge. The collected data collected would then need to be approved and visitor access levels set based on each individual. This vetting process would also apply to contractors and vendors.

To achieve the level of security desired, Dowley chose the PassagePoint Enterprise Visitor Management System solution from STOPware. The software provides total control in verifying, screening, and badging visitors with ease, speed and scalability. Visitors to Devon Tower can expect a quick and painless registration and verification process. Touchscreen displays are used for self-enrollment, and driver’s license readers analyze and process visitors easily. The final result is a visitor badge with picture identification that indicates access according to the individual’s access levels or permissions.


Inside the Command Center

More than 200,000 feet of cabling infrastructure runs through the Devon Tower, linking all network and access control devices to the Security Command Center. Within the Command Center, Devon Energy security personnel can monitor, secure and respond to all of its operations — both within the tower and at remote and satellite facilities.

AMAG Symmetry’s interface supports all equipment and monitoring for both traditional security and life safety/operations systems. Access controlled doors, interior and exterior security cameras, gate intercoms/cameras, and duress buttons were all accessible and controlled from the Security Command Center (SCC) within the Devon Tower.

For example, a Devon Energy Security Command Center Operator sitting at a security console in the SCC would receive alarm notification through the Symmetry system that a duress button at a field site was pressed. The operator can immediately pull up the video associated with that alarm to see what’s going on in the facility and they can operate the PTZ cameras remotely to look for suspects. The operator can also unlock vehicle gates to allow free egress from the facility or ingress of first responders.

In the event of a safety incident in the tower or at a remote facility, Devon SCC operators can see and remotely adjust PTZ cameras to assess site conditions, unlock all access-controlled doors to allow employees out of the facility and then monitor the mustering of each employee to a safe zone via card reads. They can then notify on-site security personnel of any employees that did not badge in at the muster site, relay their latest badge-in location and begin to look for them on video, or dispatch personnel to their last known location.


Standing Tall

In a city that holds the safety of its people as its primary goal, the Devon Tower stands tall as a beacon of security innovation. “This was a dream project,” Fields says. “All the stakeholders bought in to the concept from the beginning and were dedicated to following through to produce a world-class installation.”


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