Devon Tower project the gold standard for 2012 STE Security Innovation Awards

Gold medal awarded in Oklahoma City; other honorees include Washington Metro Transit Authority, Los Angeles Police Dept., and NY Waterway

“This project tackled great challenges (including financial) and did not compromise security effectiveness,” one judge commented. “The success came from initial education, research from other successes, willingness to prove performance through field deployments and understanding the technology challenges. The project also included strong vendor tactical response, not just sales collaboration or initial engineering and design support. These good characteristics are not typical of all security projects.”

Working with three vendors, the New York Waterway was able to earn an honorable mention by improving communication, emergency response and preparedness throughout their fleet of ferries while overcoming the limitations of cellular-based networks. This project is being featured as an online exclusive.

“Very innovative and valuable solution, designed to deliver ROI beyond security,” a judge said. “The technical challenge and environment was daunting, and the combination of the communications and situational awareness technologies to produce a solution of this value is impressive.”

STE’s Security Innovation Awards is an annual contest held in collaboration with the Security Industry Association (SIA) that recognizes and honors the most innovative security installations of the past year. The awards recognize the lead vendor, integrator and the end-user, and honor gold, silver, and bronze award winners. For more information about the awards program and details on how to enter next year, please visit For more about SIA, please visit