Access Control & Identity: Got a Problem?

Wireless locking systems are great problem solvers at schools

“With the AD-Series, a new Schlage-patent-pending ‘wake up on radio’ feature works in parallel with the 10-minute heartbeat,” Conley continued. “Without waking up the entire lock, it listens for complementary commands every one to 10 seconds and responds. Thus, 10 seconds is the longest it will take to initiate lockdown of all our residence halls.”

Wireless access control provides ways to provide your customers with networked access control in situations where hardwiring is virtually impossible or extremely costly. Not only will you provide your customers with a solution but, with the money saved by eliminating trenching and pulling wire, you will be able to cover more doors for your customer at the same cost.



Karen Keating, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, Carmel, Ind., is the portfolio manager, Electronic Locks and System Components.