IT trends impacting IP video: Wi-Fi security for network video

Advances in wireless technologies have made it a more secure, viable option for installers and end-users

As with all decisions in physical security, practitioners need to determine the probability of a brute force attack and the possible loss and risk associated with a compromised wireless network. The answers to those questions will ultimately determine if wireless security is put in place using WPS or done through the manual setup process.

Either way, having encryption enabled on wireless networks is a best practice that should be adhered to with all security installations. The best outcome of WPS may not be that setting up secure wireless communications is made easier, but rather that security professionals begin educating themselves and their end-customers on the basics of wireless security and start implementing it across all network components instead of ignoring it altogether.

About the author: James Marcella has been a technologist in the security and IT industries for more than 18 years. He is currently the director of technical services for Axis Communications.