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County of Maui builds a centralized municipal security system

The new cameras’ anti-reflection technology, along with low-light capabilities, keep security officials from seeing blurred out pictures because of headlights or street lamps. “They provide a crystal clear image that can help us identify a person in a situation like this,” Schwind adds.

The high-definition megapixel cameras also feature built-in face detection capabilities, which, according to Schwind, the county plans to leverage in the future. Security Resources had the task of integrating the surveillance, access control and other systems onto one networked platform. The total scope of the project cost approximately $1.5 million. Homeland Security grant money was used for the first phase of the project, which included the day/night camera installations, as well as for part of subsequent phases of the project.

In addition to being able to control security from a centralized location, the county also wanted to be able to provide the Mayor’s office with a video snapshot of what was happening across the county. “One of the key factors of the whole system is having everything communicate,” O’Brien says. “That started with looking at the original system and looking at new technology to tie everything together.”

The cameras’ PoE capabilities enabled the county to decrease cabling costs, and O’Brien touted their ability to be tweaked and upgraded right from the network. Auto-zoom and focus features also enable security personnel to adjust a camera’s field of view right from the computer, without having to go up and down a ladder.

No Longer in the Dark
In the first phase of the project, 12 Illustra 610 cameras were installed as part of the initial system outside of municipal offices, police stations, fire departments, water department facilities and golf courses. The county is now in the process of upgrading to high-definition megapixel cameras at other county facilities and in new construction projects.

Since the installation, the County of Maui has been able to put its cameras to the test. One of the county’s parking facilities was experiencing a number of vandalism incidents to its vehicles. The high-resolution video enabled security to identify the suspect. “There is no sense in having a camera if you can’t view the image and determine who is in the video,” Schwind says. “This would not have been possible with the previous cameras.”