Integrator Connection: Security Pros--It Starts with Trust

Being a partner, not product, comes first

One thing he quickly vowed was not to repeat mistakes he witnessed in his previous job. “Initially, we started out using the skills learned in my previous position and in the markets formerly served. This was proving to be the long road to nowhere,” Gilbert said. “Our long-term strategies were not our own.”

Not long after starting the business, he realized that the lessons of the past were just that: lessons, and not rules to follow.

“I didn’t have a large sales force or huge annual service revenue. This meant that I would have to jump in the water with the rest of the sharks and fight for the same customers,” he said. “Once the realization hit me that we didn’t want to be just another security company, my vision became crystal clear. We wanted to deliver solutions to our customers, educate them on how their purchase would affect them today and into the future. Through that philosophy our sales platform was built,” he said. “Solutions are as unique as your fingerprint.”

Security Pros has been fortunate in having that relationship work well up and down the chain’s channel.“Through building a network of qualified strategic partnerships we are able to expand much faster and more cost effectively,” Gilbert said.

“I believe that our attention to detail and our approach to doing business on a personal level is the key to our success. Our position is to partner with our clients to develop long-term plans that help them meet not only their security but their operational goals as well,” Gilbert said.

“These partnerships are built on trust and a shared vision of success for all companies involved. As these partnerships take shape and our professional services platform continues to grow we certainly expect this growth trend to continue well into the future,” he concluded.



Curt Harler is a regular contributor to SD&I magazine and a technology expert. He can be reached at