Pivot3 broadening its business 'horizons'

CEO Rich Bravman discusses company's future following departure of founder Lee Caswell

According to Olivier Thierry, chief marketing officer for Pivot3, all of the company’s appliances are “purpose built,” which differentiates the company from others in both the surveillance and VDI markets.

“We’re helping the surveillance industry through essentially a transition from analog to IP,” Thierry explained. “The other piece that is happening is a lot of customers in surveillance are also interested in virtual desktop technology. In casinos, for example, they see desktop virtualization as their future not only for their basic Microsoft Office desktops, but they also see it in potentially two other areas; the games themselves running on thin clients and the second piece is the ability over time to look at having the security consoles themselves virtualized.”  

Bravman said the third horizon involves market opportunities around converged storage and computing solutions and the continued evolution of this technology.

“Today, while we deliver appliances that make us look like a hardware company… in reality all of the things that are special about our design, all of our know how and the company’s DNA is all really focused in the software within the appliances,” Bravman explained. “The vSTAC OS that sits within the appliances we deliver is where all of the Pivot3 value-add is. There is an opportunity to take that software and abstract out of that certain features that are today delivered in that embedded software and deliver them instead in a layer or two of software sitting on top of the appliance in the solution stack, which will allow some of those features to be implemented with greater richness and most importantly, will allow the implementation of new features that aren’t practically implemented as embedded software.”