Video Supplement: Enhancing and Expanding the Security Ecosystem

An update on the progress of the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance

We accomplish this in two ways: First, our working group membership is broadly based, representing many diverse perspectives that shape our specifications to reflect industry needs, not those of one or two large vendors. Those same members rigorously test each of our specifications before publishing them, so our specification upgrades are just that: enhancements, not rewrites. That makes it easier for us to ensure an IP camera compliant with our original IP Media Device (IPMD) Specification will also be compliant with Version 2.0 and any other updates. The same is true for our other specifications. The backward-compatibility of our specifications is another way the PSIA helps end-users to protect their security equipment investments.


Meeting the industry’s needs

In short, during the last four years, the PSIA has created specifications that reflect what a wide variety of end-users, consultants, integrators and manufacturers have determined they need for powerful security solutions that are also cost effective to design, install, operate and maintain. We look forward to another solid year of growth and innovation as PSIA specifications make it possible for true plug-and-play interoperability across the security ecosystem.



David Bunzel is Executive Director of the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance ( He is also the founder and managing director of Santa Clara Consulting Group (SCCG), a market research and consulting firm.