Milestone moves away from one-size-fits-all approach

Company execs discuss segmentation strategy, trends in VMS at MIPS 2013

Thinggaard said that this includes the pre-bundling of software with hardware. Two years ago, Milestone launched its own network video recorder that was pre-loaded with the company’s VMS software called XProtect Essential NVR.

“It’s likely that, in the future, we will see new, updated versions of that NVR that will come out of the Milestone factory,” Thinggaard said. “It’s also evident, I think, that the industry has embraced companies that have pre-bundled offerings. We’re not just closing our eyes and saying ‘this will be a market for us at some point.’ We’re not going to make our own hardware, we’re not going to make our own cameras, but the pre-bundling of an NVR-type of strategy is a future trend.”

Thinggaard also sees the resurgence of analytics as another trend that will take hold in the VMS market in the near future. While the market for traditional video analytics was seen by many as mostly dead as recently as several years ago, Thinggaard said there has been several developments in the technology that have made it viable once again, including a reduction in the number of patent issues and end-users becoming smarter about how they use them.

“It’s becoming more and more dominant,” he explained. “We see lots of requests in all of the RFPs we see in the high-end of the market. The notion of actually using analytics as part of a new (surveillance) installations is something that people embrace and in a much broader way because technology wise they have become a lot smarter about how to use analytics.”   

Another trend that has become paramount in the video management space is mobility and the ability to access video surveillance feeds using smartphones.

“It’s a way forward for all us carrying smartphones,” Thinggaard said. “We use them in our everyday life and this level of connectivity is just obvious. Still, you can claim that broadband connectivity is still a limiting factor. Just having video streams flying around is not something you just do for the fun of it, but we are seeing a lot of focus on mobility.”