Killing the identity management hype

How the term has become an overly used buzzword in the physical access market


• Develop common principles and goals before talking integration and convergence
• Involve stakeholders; define current and desired future state policies and processes


• Collaborate on identity lifecycle vision, document it.
• Talk integration, automation, define what is being gained. Go through review process.

Product and Vendor Interaction:

• When a vendor states that their product is an identity management solution, request they explain in detail how their product contributes to the act of managing identities
• Provide them with feedback so they have insight and can productively contribute, or get out of the way and develop more relevant solutions. They need direction too.
• Note: Be conscious of how many identity sources you have and require.

The most important lesson from all of this is that regardless of how people classify a product it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that identity management should be treated as a focused program, not the activity of procuring products to keep the wheels turning. To do so requires everyone working toward the same goals and from there it will sort itself out, sales pitches fade, and relevance comes naturally. No one is going to do this but you and is your sole responsibility to filter and sort what it means to you, not just go along.

About the Author: Terry Gold is an independent analyst and researcher covering security, identity and privacy.