How CSOs can effectively influence the C-suite

Security executives discuss keys to successful leadership at The Great Conversation

Most of the metrics Komendat started with centered around several key areas in his department including threat management, government security, uniformed security and a uniformed fire division. One of the questions Komendat said he often receives is why does the company have a fire department.

One metric Komendat developed to show the importance of having an in-house fire department centered on response time to incidents of cardiac arrests. The average Boeing response time to a reported heart attack was three minutes, while the average response time of the local municipality was between six and nine minutes. In addition, the Boeing cardiac arrest save rate was found to be 89 percent, while the average King County, Wash. save rate was 46 percent.

While saving lives in and of itself is important, Komendat said that this also saves the company’s investment in an employee who it has taken the time to train. He said it’s also important for the morale of co-workers.

“The only way I’ve been successful in having a dialogue with senior leadership in our company is through metrics,” he said. “If you’re not telling your story, you’re not being an effective leader.”