4 Bold Predictions for PSIM

It's all the talk, but the focus is shifting

It has now been about 10 months since I moderated my first PSIM workshop. Participants have run the gamut from consultants and integrators to utilities, oil and gas, banks, transit operations, cities, entertainment companies, police and fire departments, airports and emergency management professionals. I’ve even run focused workshops for individual companies and for government entities who want to invest in a shared PSIM solution. When we first came up with the concept of the workshops, we knew we didn’t want to do the typical road show with sales presentations and product demos. We were striving for an immersive experience that would educate people and help them open their minds to what PSIM can mean to their specific situation.

The experience of moderating the workshops has also taught me a few things. First and foremost I’ve come to the conclusion that the need for PSIM awareness and education is greater than ever. There is a growing fog of confusion as almost every type of security company out there latches on to the PSIM acronym. Also, most people equate PSIM with integration. Fewer are aware of the host of problems that PSIM can solve and all of the different ways it can transform their security and business operations. It is our job to educate them.

So what is my final bold prediction? PSIM providers who recognize and do something about this will be the ones who lead the pack.


Dr. Bob Banerjee is the senior Director of Training and Development for NICE Systems Security Division, based in Paramus, N.J., www.nice.com. A security industry icon, Banerjee has more than a decade of experience, having held senior marketing and global product management positions with several IT and software firms. He holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from the Advanced Research Center at the University of Bristol, England.