Through the Camera's Lens

What's hot in video?

We mentioned megapixel cameras in the technology section above, but they belong here too based on how they are being deployed and the value they can bring. In line with the cost-effective migration patterns, these cameras are not necessarily replacing standard ones, but are typically being deployed alongside them in locations where higher levels of detail are required or a broader field of view is necessary.

Here’s where the discussion on video analytics begins. With a revival in its perceived ability to provide good performance and clear value, the latest generation of video analytics applications are experiencing renewed interest from the market. Increased accuracy along with an alignment of expectations and a better understanding of how to use the technology are all helping to drive its upswing in use.


Analytics multiples forces

For example, organizations are using video analytics as a force multiplier in a variety of scenarios. In the case of perimeter protection, in its simplest form video analytics can be used instead of fence sensors. Or in some cases, organizations are creating multi-tiered protection as video can detect a potential intrusion earlier than if a motion sensor is activated. Organizations are finding that they can monitor more by using video analytics.

Video analytics applications are also helping take video beyond security, with more and more being used to improve customer satisfaction. They can be used to identify crowding and long queue formations, which allows organizations to respond in real time. Heat maps are being created with video analytics, which show marketing departments where potential commercial hot spots are located. This information can then be used to justify increased lease rates or to simply reconfigure commercial areas to take advantage of these prime locations.

While the various trends discussed above are all quite different, they do represent the overall trend of “maximizing video,” both from a performance aspect and the extraction of value. And for users, that’s a good thing.



Illy Gruber is the product marketing manager, NICE Systems Security Division, Paramus, N.J.