Family First

Security contracting takes a personal approach

Part of that ties back to the scope of the business. The company services over seven percent of all of the U.S. Social Security Administration offices in the country.

“We are often the low bidder but our customers know we offer good service too,” he said. That, of course, is a “good” problem to have.

Beck’s biggest gripe is being besieged by manufactures coming in and pushing products that have not been properly tested in the field. Unless he is fully aware, he does not want to be treated as a beta-test site. “They rush the product and that creates nightmares for us,” he said. “Too often, the sales people for these companies do not really know the products that they sell and then do not stand behind it,” he said.

“Our test of a good manufacturer is that they provide us with the new products and we put it through its paces to be sure that it is a product we want to provide to our customers. Remember, the customer is not buying the product, they are buying you and your reputation,” Beck emphasized. “As the dealer, I have to stand behind the product. It is us they trust and we have to deliver what we say.”

Sometimes, he observed, new technology adds to the fast pace of the industry. “I like watching my cameras on my iPad when I am traveling,” Beck said. “I convey this to my customers who then want me to do the same for them.”

For Beck, everything loops back to the customer.

Beck constantly reminds his employees to always treat customers as they would expect to be treated in business.

“We also realize that our business is a work in progress. We are good…but we are not perfect. We always have to do better and keep trying to improve our service. We also have to realize that we do not just sell hardware; we sell systems that try to solve client’s problems and provide life safety,” Beck said.

“In five years, we’ll be here, God willing—a bigger company with more customers and larger growth,” Beck concluded.


Curt Harler is a freelance writer and regular contributor to SD&I magazine. He can be reached at