Living the Connected Dream

Traditional dealer moves squarely into new home and interactive services

During the recession, the company focused on best practices, business improvements and training. They upgraded and updated their showroom. “RMR powered us through the tough times and we got stronger. Some AV contractors weren’t as stable and if a builder lost them, we could easily step in. RMR gave us the capability of improving. We’ve come out as a market leader in the audiovisual segment as well.”

Simmons said the economy in Las Vegas is slowly recovering. “We’re seeing a 20 to 25 percent increase in housing permits and we’ve hired new employees. Being a Lutron dealer has been a plus. They are a strong partner in lighting and shade control. Lutron and security and shading controls go hand in hand.”

In its massive showroom, the company showcases the interaction between security, lighting and control functions for prospects and customers. “For example, when the alarm goes off, lights come on and shades rise up. This makes for a safer residence for both consumers and first responders,” he said. The remote shade control and interactive services also fuel monthly monitoring coffers.


Service boosts revenues

Eagle Sentry also recognizes the increasing importance of providing service and maintenance contracts, especially for the connected home residential customers demand without interruption. Service and maintenance contracts may cover system viability; software and firmware updates; cleaning; assessment of ambient temperature so equipment isn’t damaged; and Wi-Fi and router connectivity and maintenance.

“Automation, home controls and data networks are growing more than the security part of our business. But shading control is definitely the number one growth area.”

Simmons said RMR from all these areas helped position the company as a market leader. “It’s not too late for dealers to get involved and bring on a new complement of services. Having this full complement of services also positions the company for a possible exit strategy in the future. If you are audiovisual only, it’s hard to have that overall strong portfolio of RMR.”