The 2nd annual SD&I Fast50

A look at America’s fastest growing systems integrators

Securadyne (no. 39)—“Securadyne’s growth has been and will continue to be both organic and acquisitive,” said Carey Boethel, president and chief executive officer.“We attribute it first and foremost to the quality of our people, their knowledge of the markets we serve and their ability to creatively solve our customers’ problems.We focus on vertical markets that treat security as mission-critical and face strict regulatory requirements where security drives compliance.”


Intertech Security (no. 41)—Intertech Security has concentrated efforts in a few areas with a goal of serving more customers with more solutions.“We have worked diligently to retain our existing clients by striving to deliver value every day,” said Ron Petnuch, president and chief executive officer. Our clients have rewarded us with continued business and quality referrals.We continue to meet their high standards while offering new products and services such as emergency notification and remote video surveillance.We have expanded our client base with the help of customer referrals and recommendations from strategic partners.” Intertech Security has also grown through expansion into new geographic markets.


SafeCom Security Solutions (no. 41)—Since the inception of SafeCom Security Solutions our simple business philosophy: “Always do the right thing” has been instrumental in our accelerated growth rate, said David Fuller, president and chief executive officer. “SafeCom stands behind it whether it’s taking additional time to complete an installation or making a special trip to reeducate a customer on a system. SafeCom doesn’t put time restraints on technicians, to ensure each system is installed correctly and proper customer care has been provided. SafeCom’s number one source of new business is customer referrals which is a direct result of quality customer service.”


Electronic Security Concepts (no. 43)—“We attribute our growth to customer service, product knowledge and competitive design services,” said Joseph Menke, president. “Our customer support focuses on providing accurate appraisals, fast repair response and attentive customer support. We provide real world usability expectations and recommend technologies that provide a measurable return on investment.Our response times for repairs are within 24 hours because we know that when service is needed it is important to have things up and working quickly for our customers. Equipment knowledge is an important asset to our company.We make efforts above and beyond to foster close relationships with our product manufacturers to ensure an efficient transfer of product knowledge and performance expectations from engineers to our technicians.This produces results in both our finished products and our ability to do the job right the first time.”


RFI Communications & Security Systems (no. 44)—Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., Brad Wilson, CPP and president, said that by the end of 2011 the company had began to see an improvement in economic conditions which in turn led to additional growth in 2012 due to its regional West Coast presence—specifically in Silicon Valley. “This favorable economic climate coupled with selling new solutions and services to our existing client base, requested or needed, added to our success. The third component contributing to our success was RFI’s continued penetration into the SMB space with our suite of managed and hosted solutions.”


Access Control Consultants (no. 45)—Founded in 1991, ACC is a premier provider of integrated IP-based business solutions throughout the Carolinas and Virginia. “Our experienced design and engineering team deliver unsurpassed attention to detail and product knowledge to guarantee the most technologically advanced and proven security, communications or wireless system designed to meet each customer’s specific needs,” said Larry Blumenfeld, president. “In 2010 we joined forces with Brady,which provides a diverse range of HVAC and building solutions, as well as world-class technical support. Our strategic partnership with Brady services has helped us expand to different markets and offer our services to the Brady Services Customer base. Their sales force also is good source of leads that also helps make the partnership work.”