IP: Take it Easy!

Web-based technology gets simplified

“We’re essentially delivering a solution where customers can plug in cables, connect loudspeakers and talk,” Rietschel said. The Barix IP Paging solution includes all pre-configured hardware, including paging masters and receiving devices equipped with the IP paging firmware. 

"Since our inception in 2002, we have focused on simplicity in the IP audio field, which manifests even in patents we hold. Those who have tried to set up an IP phone system and connect it to a paging system understand the challenges. Configuration and deployment of most IP-based audio systems is still way too complicated. Not every installer is an IP expert.”

The complexity often starts when an installer plugs a technical device onto an IP network. How do you get to its IP core to configure it?  

“One invention which all our audio products feature is the (patented) function of announcing the IP address the device acquired through the audio port. Another is a (patented) function which the device uses to determine a free address on a network without DHCP, (and without auto-IP), which then is announced and can be used for configuration by browser.”

“There is more on the application level as well.  For example, auto discovery and auto configuration of the available devices in the simple paging solution so it can be, under most circumstances, just be plugged onto the network and used.”

In the video storage market as well, network video recorders are getting easier to deploy and more fully suited for small and medium businesses. LenovoEMC, a joint venture between Lenovo and EMC that includes the Iomega network storage product business, unveiled a new line of NVRs embedded with the Milestone Arcus VMS solution at ISC West.

The new LenovoEMC NVRs are the first in the industry to feature Milestone Arcus, an open platform IP video management software. The integration of the VMS platform is just one way the company is making the NVRs simpler to deploy.

Easy set up, hybrid capability

The units provide power on simple installation that auto-detects cameras on the network and speeds their configuration in the system, said Bill Hansen, global product manager for LenovoEMC. Milestone Arcus also features an intuitive web client interface for viewing live or recorded video, searching and exporting evidence.

“It’s a ready to go, out of the box solution,” he continued. “Not only are the cameras plug-in and auto-detect, but it can also be used with analog cameras with encoders that can be easily detected and configured,” he said.

“The auto detect feature is very important to the systems integrator and we recognize that,” Hansen said. “The more NVRs the integrator can set up quickly enables them to move to the next installation.”