Mobile video solutions fall from the cloud at ISC West

Future seems to point to tablets and smartphones being the migration path for data interfaces

Panasonic got its start in the mobile video market with the introduction of the Arbitrator In-Car mobile video solution.  It was purpose built for the law enforcement industry to install into police vehicles in order to capture video events based on predefined events. 

"Police Departments can customize the event triggers that initiate the video to start the recording.  The video is recorded and stored in the VPU 'Video Processing Unit' and can be used as evidence in the court of law to assist in the prosecution of a violator or exonerate an officer of  a citizen complaint," said Parett. "In addition to recording an event, departments demanded the ability to stream video from their vehicle to a command center in order to increase their situational awareness.  Mobile streaming video enabled police departments to gain situational awareness anywhere they can drive.  This is an advantage they could not achieve with fixed surveillance cameras." 

"Although, vehicle mounted mobile video was more flexible than fixed surveillance cameras they still had a need to have the video capture wherever the individual officer went.  Thus, Panasonic worked with individual departments to create the body worn mobile video," Parett added. "This allowed departments to capture video wherever the officer could go.  Some of the unique features required by law enforcement and delivered by Panasonic include a gyro in the camera that stabilizes a recorded image even when the officer is engaged in an all out foot pursuit." 

Mobile video capture and streaming video increases the situational awareness and conviction rate for law enforcement.  Mobile video helps keep the public safer.

Mobotix is also showing its mobile video solutions with its new Mobotix T24 App, which allows users to employ their iPhone or iPad to manage and control operations from the IP door station. The app provides notifications when someone rings the doorbell, enables two-way communication with visitors and can remotely open the door. It is also possible to retrieve voice mailbox messages, live images and recordings from all integrated door stations and cameras.

“With new technologies such as the M15 and the MOBOTIX App, we have significantly improved functionality that can help our partners deliver advanced and secure security solutions to their customers,” said Steve Gorski, general manager, Americas, for Mobotix. “We continue to redefine the industry with a decentralized approach to surveillance, delivering a cost-effective and reliable high-resolution surveillance solution.”

Another player in the mobile surveillance market at ISC West is Sentry View Systems which launched SiteCOMMANDER - a fully mobile command and control solution. Whether it is deployed on a tablet, laptop, desktop or server, SiteCOMMANDER provides on-the-go management of complex remote surveillance data. Capable of connecting to 150 separate NVR servers simultaneously, SiteCOMMANDER provides flexible distributed data management and eliminates single points of failure across server networks. Security personnel are not bound to a desktop environment. This frees them to perform other high priority security duties while maintaining command and control access through an easy to use mobile interface.