Axis announces education partnership, releases new products at ISC West

Boston-based Wentworth Institute of Technology is giving its students hands-on IP video surveillance training and software development opportunities thanks to a new partnership with Axis Communications, which was announced at a press conference Wednesday at ISC West.  

The program provides students with a yearly training program to accelerate IP video surveillance learning and software application development in the physical security industry. Already two students have taken advantage of this training to build customized applications for Axis cameras, adding to the supplier's roster of more than 30 applications that can be loaded onto its cameras for individualized surveillance.

“We are delighted about our partnership," said Wentworth Associate Provost and Professor Chuck Hotchkiss. "For Axis, they have the opportunity to tap into great young minds, and that fits squarely with our intent to become a technology education leader. We are moving away from traditional classroom lectures and are letting students tackle real-world problems which guide learning.”

A bonus for bothentities would be the camera application development. Two Wentworth students introduced their custom surveillance apps at ISC West. The first application was developed as a way to sign student DJs in and out at the school's radio station. The student developed a program using object and face recognition to automatically signed in and out people. The app was then enhanced to alert if someone not on the pre-approved list attempted to sign in. The second app focused on three-dimensional motion tracking, which aids in detection capabilities.

The students who develop software apps actually own the intellectual property, Axis North America General Manager Fredrik Nilsson explained. Axis can then offer the app to end-users and installers who want to customize their surveillance system. "It's just like software on a computer," he said. 

Axis also made some ISC West new product news:

  • The company released an indoor, vandal-resistant, ceiling-mounted pan/tilt/zoom dome camera, the AXIS M50-V PTZ, which are affordably priced for remote and discreet monitoring of indoor areas, such as schools, train stations, boarding areas and warehouses.
  • It unveiled the AXIS M2014-E Network Camera, a lipstick-sized camera with IP-66 rating that makes it ideal for installations in retail and speciality stores, hotels and small offices that need  HDTV-quality video surveillance.
  • Finally, Axis also released the AXIS M1004-W Network Camera featuring advanced wireless connection capabilities, 720p HDTV video quality and Axis’ One-Click Camera Connection technology, ideal for small retail, office and residential surveillance users searching for a simple indoor IP camera solution.