Sage Conversations: Taking a holistic view of security operations

Why measuring the total value of security to an organization is vital

A device company, ISD, is also practicing it’s version of interoperability. ISD’s founder and CEO, Ian Johnston, announced a Microsoft-compatible camera at ISC West earlier this month. This is a company moving beyond the current scorecard for a camera to create a true edge computing platform for security applications like access control, analytics, motion, and video management and business applications that demand customer trend data and business process data. This is interoperability within the ecosystem to create a multiplication of value (through the sum of the parts). ISC is not in the camera business. They are in the information business. And because of that, they must collaborate to be successful.

Another example of this evolving leadership mindset in the security industry is the Security Executive Council (SEC). Bob Hayes, the managing director of the SEC and Francis D’Addario, emeritus faculty for innovation services, have created a Next Generation Security Leader Program that aligns with these leadership elements. From the identification of all-hazards risk and best practices that can be accessed through their Collective Knowledge database and consulting network to the accreditation of risk, resilience and security solutions and services through their Solution Innovation Program (SIP), this organization truly looks outward into the marketplace and internally within their leadership community. I was able to personally sit in on an intense one-day format before The Great Conversation in Seattle attended by more than 80 senior leaders within the industry. It was a galvanizing event, since it truly created and encouraged the “interoperability” Howard refers to by combining operational leaders with SIP (multi-disciplined technology and service vendors) members. This led to using the ‘case study’ as an important articulation of metrics and performance. Dave Komendat, the CSO of The Boeing Company, Randy Harrison, director of corporate security at Delta Airlines, and Howard were all featured in the program.

As we move through 2013, I think we might look back on this year as pivotal. The terms we have used within the industry may be changing in scope and value. Terms like integration, risk, metrics and value will become more tangible and measurable. New leaders will also emerge like Howard, Johnston, Harrison, Hayes, Butchko and D’Addario which will lead the way, inspiring confidence that the approach is sound and the industry is ready for leading change and innovation.