Cities & Municipalities--Clicking on the Civic Level

Advising and consulting brings business to integrators

Adding value to video is a compelling value proposition for cities and municipalities who have money to spend. For example, in Pittsboro, the video surveillance solution helps the police department leverage more fully its staff and accomplish more with less. It is also used in the parks areas to monitor pools, lakes and chemical storage facilities and catch vandals. For the streets departments, it is used to gauge supply storage levels, monitor fleet vehicles and review tool and equipment status and usage.

“We always go all in with our customers and do the best or won’t do it at all,” said Thomas.


New value to solutions

Some companies are showing additional value in systems with out of the box, unique specifications. For example, Heath Gaffney, a MOBOTIX/Pivot3 integrator in Nashua, N.H., and president at IMSYS Corp., ordinary doesn’t apply to his contracting capabilities—and that’s what his customers like. Gaffney recently contracted for ongoing work at the Bergen County Sheriff’s office in Bergen County, N.J. At the municipality, his team designed the software that tracks officers and judges with active RFID technologies. Called IPAS Secure, the software solution allows the RFID equipment to not only monitor persons in the courthouse area, but also is incorporated into access control and allows for a live video feed once the panic or duress button is activated. “In the control center, it provides opening and closing of mantraps or ‘Sally’ ports and provides instant notification of any activities,” said Gaffney.

The IMSYS Presence Awareness System is a real-time tracking and access control solution also available from the firm. IPAS Secure is designed to provide real-time visibility of people and assets and to enable automated data collection of asset information, including location. The configurable software application uses active RFID tags and readers to track the location of people and assets throughout secure facilities. Combined with industry standard access control, e.g. HID Global, IPAS Secure gives customers the ability to monitor and manage facilities and key business processes.

“IMSYS software solutions provide real, ongoing cost savings by applying proven technology products and methodology to real-world operations. Doing more with less and improving the bottom line by eliminating errors and the duplication of effort can be achieved,” Gaffney said.

“Initially, we only did the active RFID for the Sheriff’s department and then migrated to the IPAS video management system. We provide a high level of integration and we are the smarts and parts for these solutions,” he said.

For Stanley Security Solutions Inc., city and municipal customers seem to be spending but are cautious of potential budget cuts from sequestering, because it hasn’t fully taken effect, said Ross Gaisor, senior security advisor—local/city/state government, Fremont, Calif., and Paul Retzbach PMP, PSP and vice president-Government, Washington, D.C.


PSIM brings it all together

“Cities and municipalities are definitely looking at doing more with less and looking for lower total cost of ownership,” said Ross Gaisor. “They are also looking for scalable solutions that they can move into in the future,” he said. He added that the state of California is anticipating a loss of $600 million with anticipated budget cuts.

“It’s a real concern locally—because we haven’t seen the full effects yet,” he said.

Paul Retzbach said that for city and municipality customers, solutions that integrate systems such as PSIM are ever-more in focus, as it allows these entities to do more with less. “PSIM brings information together in one area and one system for these users. Instead of having to be trained in four different systems, they have one solution. We are seeing a lot of security departments moving to a single network for video surveillance as well,” he said.

Gaisor added that for cities and municipalities, the allure and benefits of PSIM are real and attainable. “They currently have many different platforms and various solutions and they have found that they can take advantage of it with PSIM and it’s an economical way to protect their existing investment.” Stanley Security Solutions has deployed the Stanley Commander PSIM Solution at the Riverside, Calif., Public Utilities Facility and Operations Center with positive results, allowing personnel to quickly and effectively respond to system alerts and automatically call up cameras and activate lights and also assist with work flow process decisions.