Leveraging big data for security

Technology trend in spotlight at NICE Interactions 2013

“There are a lot of companies out there that are competing in one (market segment) or the other. Some may do audio, some may do video, some may do text, some may do this but at NICE with Actimize doing all the transactional stuff they do on the financial crime side of things, we come to this sort of this big data crucible if you will because we’ve got customers who are using the same transactional data, the same call center data and then we combine onto that video and, in the case of 911, text to 911,” Hines said. “So for us as an organization, it becomes a big data opportunity because of the assets that we have deployed to these various customers.”

Hines said that one of the keys to bringing the potential of big data analytics to fruition in the security market is through the hiring of subject matter experts that can explain the different businesses cases for the technology across each vertical market.

“NICE is an application solution provider, but we need to continue to invest and we do in people who know the specific industries extremely well and can translate the business needs and opportunities within a healthcare organization or insurance company or public safety situation,” Hines explained. “We’ve hired a lot of experts and we consult with a lot of experts to arrive at businesses cases that would be unique to those different vertical markets.”

Tchwella added that the people who traditionally run security departments are “fairly conservative” and that technology isn’t necessarily the first thing they think about when they wake up in the morning or go to bed at night.

“I believe that this event is part of the education we’re doing, trying to go to the market. We bring in customers from all over and we give them an opportunity to present challenges, share, communicate, create networking, and make sure best practices… can help others,” Tchwella said. “Clearly, it is a drop in the ocean, but we look at this event as a part of our ability to share information and establish best practices.”