The Cure for Security Inconsistency

Genzyme, a Sanofi company, may specialize in rare diseases, but its security team of Marvin Washington, Dave Kent and Bhavesh Patel has made integrating disparate systems their specialty

“The technologies in the marketplace today are limitless, but without process around the technology, it’s just a fancy gadget,” Patel explains. “Technology must be integrated into business processes to bring measurable and sustainable value to the enterprise.”

Fortunately, SureView was able to leverage its existing relationship with Honeywell to develop the Pro-Watch integration. The net result is a system that provides operators with immediate notification of exception-based alarms from the Pro-Watch access control system, and then ties these events this into Sanofi’s other security systems, giving operators a complete situational awareness when responding to remote events.

Another security system is provided by NC4, an enterprise-grade application that provides situational awareness alerts, with potential impact on the business security of the organization. Prior to the Immix integration, NC4 alerts were simply received into individual email accounts, providing no alarm management, enforceable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) or consistent event response. Now, the alarms incorporate information about the location, GPS coordinates and nature of the event. Ultimately, the alerts make more responsive the operators and the organization in general.

“Having exception-based system alerts enables our operations team across the region to focus limited resources on critical and other priority events,” Washington explains.

Other enhancements include automatically rolling over alarms to alternative operators, escalating alarms on operator demand, customized operator screen layouts, hyperlinks to pages with Sanofi’s own operator response scripts, reaction to email-generated alerts, and enterprise multi-site capability. The Immix system is being rolled out by Sanofi this year as part of a larger implementation of Pro-Watch 4.0 and its Integration Kit, Honeywell’s platform to integrate diverse devices and systems. Additional systems, such as Lenel’s OnGuard legacy access control system, will be tied in as well.


More on the Horizon

What’s next on the agenda for the Sanofi security team? First, there is the completion of the North American access control integration; then, there is the matter of working towards a truly globally integrated system — a road that Genzyme has already traveled successfully. Patel has been named to chair the company’s Center of Excellence for (Global) Security Technology, bringing past experiences and lessons learned to the table. There’s also the challenge of globally integrating the corporation’s diverse systems: “Today we are inventorying our global systems and looking for opportunities to replicate the success we’ve seen here,” Patel says.

The effort is well worth it — Sanofi’s system provides the basis for true collaboration, delivering a platform to manage and protect the assets of a major global commercial enterprise quickly, cost-effectively and without the need to replace or reengineer systems and processes already in place.

At the end of the day, for Genzyme and Sanofi, it is all about curing disease — and that means providing effective business security. “We have the ability to take a fully integrated approach to organizational security risk,” Kent says. “We were doing this at Genzyme and are now on the same path at Sanofi.”


Ray Coulombe is Founder and Managing Director of and Principal Consultant for Gilwell Technology Services. He can be reached at, through LinkedIn, or on Twitter @RayCoulombe.