RMR: Remember the Little Things

Will your customers stay or go? You decide.

When it comes to cultivating monitored accounts and making customers “sticky,” the little things really do matter. In the case of growing monitored accounts, those little things (literally) are sensors. Unfortunately, sensors often take a back seat in terms of visibility when it comes to the connected home. Fancy touchscreens and Z-Wave devices get all the glory, but it’s important to remember that sensors play a key a role in customer safety—and in expanding their system.

To differentiate offerings in the midst of growing competition, dealers must engage their customers about how they can affordably extend home automation and security to the dwelling’s exterior and spaces that are typically overlooked.

The convenience of a connected home should be a standard expectation for any homeowner looking for a security system. However, if the homeowner is unaware of what a connected home can offer in improved lifestyle and peace of mind it is up to the dealer to present all the possible scenarios before his competition does. That’s the first step in developing a sticky customer.

Extended offerings can be especially useful for customers with seasonal properties or in swimming pool areas, storage facilities and attics. Here are a few practical suggestions for using sensors to expand customer systems and protect property.

Swimming Pool Areas

In addition to traditional pool alarms that sound when a person falls into the water, security sensors added to access doors and gates leading to pool areas can be an important layer of extended protection. Installation is fast and many of these systems are intuitive and easy to understand. For example, when pool access doors are opened, the system can trigger an alert within the home or send a text to a mobile device that notifies the homeowner. In fact, in many towns and cities it is mandatory that properties with pools pass an inspection that proves primary and secondary access points are armed with perimeter sensors. Many times, this standard for sensor alerts are required in addition to fences or gates that enclose a pool area.


Garages, Sheds & External Property Protection

Weather-resistant, wireless transmitters offer excellent detection and added security for valuable property stored in tool sheds and garages. They also provide security for property such as external air conditioning units. A recent rise in theft of the valuable copper has made outdoor wireless transmitters popular with homeowners. These transmitters contain added built-in security that allows installers to wire, loop and secure an air conditioner condensing unit from being tampered with or removed from its location. If the wires are cut or tampered with, the transmitter informs the system and an alarm is tripped to notify homeowners and scare off potential thieves.

Wireless motion detection is another useful control that is easy to install and is a simple solution for increased outdoor security. Wireless motion detectors that align with a central security system keep users aware of activity in areas of the yard that may not be easy to see from the house or around the perimeter of garages and sheds that store expensive equipment, such as ATVs or lawn mowers. These sensors send signals to a central system when outdoor wireless motion detectors pick up unusual or unexpected activity. Solutions such as this keep homeowners aware of activities, like a package delivery or a car entering a driveway at odd hours of the night. They can be customized to send an awareness alert, or set off an alarm. Advances in the latest products also help make them immune to picking up activities set-off by animals that may be just be wandering by.


Flood and High Temperature Sensors

Flood sensors installed in basements, near washing machines or in bathrooms can detect flooding in the initial stages, providing immediate alert of a possible issue. Early detection cuts down on flood risks and helps minimize water damage and associated repair costs insurance may not cover.

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